COVID19 Aftermath: Arrogance and incompetence will be severely punished.

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By Hillary M Chindodo on May 6, 2020. No Comments

No country in the world needed to really come to the party in their handling of the coronavirus than Zimbabwe. If the country was required to get only one thing right in 20 years, it was this. Why? Because, the post-COVID19 global economic order will significantly factor in how individual developing nations handled the pandemic. The inept will be severely punished and the competent will gallop ahead as favoured investment destinations. Zimbabwe was already reeling and the pandemic was an opportunity to redeem itself as a country of serious people.

COVID19 has changed global supply chains and rules of trade engagement forever. Rwanda, Uganda, Ghana and of course South Africa are likely to come out as the clear winners in Africa. Their handling of the pandemic has been exemplary at different degrees. It is heart-warming for a change to see an African country (South Africa) on a very short list of countries where the world is looking to draw lessons on handling of a pandemic.

The coming new world trade and economic order makes it crucial and demanded that Zimbabwean authorities managed this crisis with the aftermath in mind free of the current propaganda driven approach premised on some bizarre desperate need to project competence. COVID19 has made sure pandemics and their management will head right to the top of risk factors in the new order ahead of political stability, default and other environmental factors.

It is a painful watch to see a whole country sleep walk into a disaster led by such arrogance and incompetence. Things have been really bad in Zimbabwe for some 20 years now, but at the rate the government is managing the pandemic, they are about to get a whole lot worse. Not only has COVID19 laid bare the mismanagement and incompetence of the government, it has also exposed the risk to investors the administration poses. It beggars belief why anyone sees the need to spin for propaganda purposes something that is affecting every country in the world.

For once, Mthuli Ncube must applauded for writing to the IFIs “begging” for an economic rescue. It is perfectly acceptable to put one’s hands up and say “I am unable and have no capacity to deal with this. Please help”. Zimbabwe will do well to send an SOS to its SADC neighbours and ask for the pandemic to tackled on coordinated regional scale as well as at country level. SADC on it’s side must understand that if a single member fails in its handling and management of this pandemic, the whole region will have failed.