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By Zimbabwe Investor on March 25, 2013. No Comments

China's President Xi Jinping and Jakaya Kikwete of Tanzania

China’s President Xi Jinping and Jakaya Kikwete of Tanzania

Chinese President Xi Jinping will not be pass through Zimbabwe on his tour of sub-Sahara Africa which will include attending a summit in South Africa.

The new leader of China on Monday was in Tanzania where he signed 16 different trade agreements with his Tanzanian counterpart, Jakaya Kikwete. Trade agreements signed include the building of a Chinese culture centre and the improvement of hospitals and ports of Tanzania.

President Xi said that trade between China and Africa topped US$200 billion in 2012.

Addressing Tanzanian politicians and officials, Mr Xi said he wanted to reassure African countries that his country would address any concerns of Chinese firms suffocating the continent’s companies.

“China faces up to new circumstances and new problems in Sino-African relations”, said Mr Xi

“China has and will continue to work alongside African countries to take practical measures to appropriately solve problems in trade and economic cooperation, so that African countries gain more from that cooperation”.

From Tanzania, Mr Xi heads to South Africa for a summit of emerging economies Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa collectively known as the BRICS countries.

Zimbabwe considers China a close ally but Mr Xi giving the country a wide berth may be interpreted as a sign that the  friendship is not as valued by the other side as expected. From South Africa, Mr Xi will wrap up is African tour with a visit to Congo-Brazzaville.