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By Zimbabwe Investor on April 25, 2013. No Comments

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai

HARARE (Zimbabwe Investor) – Movement for Democratic Movement (MDC) president and Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, Morgan Tsvangirai has insisted on all agreed reforms being implemented before elections can be held setting his party for a clash with rival Zanu (PF) who are adamant that no further reforms will take place.

“At Principals’ level, we have since tasked the minister of Justice and the Minister of Constitutional Affairs with consulting all the relevant political parties as they draft the legal and the political roadmap before submitting it to us as principals for the determination of the election date”, said Tsvangirai

“But for us in the MDC, it is clear that there are many issues that need to be addressed if we are to have a plebiscite that is free, fair and credible as envisaged under the GPA and expected by the people of Zimbabwe, our brothers and sisters in SADC and the AU.

“While the process of the roadmap is being dealt with, there are many software and hardware issues we have to address if we are to hold a credible election, key among them the many reforms that we have agreed on as political parties and as Principals but remain unimplemented”, said the Premier.

Prime Minister Tsvangirai said that reforms were necessary as a guarantee of the vote, the security of the voter and the security of the outcome of the vote.

“All Zimbabweans must vote in peace without intimidation, victimization, violence or being forced to attend a political meeting of this or that party. No (party political) “bases” and vigilante groups in our villages, suburbs or communities. The people’s will must be respected and guaranteed”, said Tsvangirai.

Tsvangirai said that the public broadcaster Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) and other publicly funded media must be impartial and objective in covering all political players and the public.

“There must be no hate speech, no hate language and no malicious and partisan reporting. There must be fair and objective coverage for all who wish to be covered.

“There must be registration of truly independent and private radio and television broadcasters before elections to provide Zimbabweans with truly alternative platforms of communication.”

Zimbabweans are headed for a watershed election this year to end a trouble government of national unity brokered by regional body SADC to end a decade of political and economic turmoil.